Engine Parts



Doodle Bug Clutch Housing LockBS-22031 Clutch housing lock 10.95
blowerhousingmountingtabBS-291781-1 Blower housing mounting tab 3.95
blowerhousingmountingtabrivetBS-291781-2 Blower housing mounting tab rivet 0.25
20150704_150037Oil seal on crankshaft side 6.40
EngineSealOnMagnetoSideEngine seal on magneto side 6.10
CrankshaftBallBearingWithShieldCrankshaft ball bearing with shield 14.85
Piston010oversizeBS-89283 Piston – .010 oversized 37.20
plus010ringsetPiston ring set – .010 oversized 12.00
20150706_090342BS-23386 NP intake valve 18.50
ExhaustValveBS-23663 Exhaust valve 25.00
IgnitionPointsBS-29667 Ignition points 16.30
BreakerIgnitionBS-29861 Condenser 15.15
20150706_092234Engine serial tag 25.00
20150706_092314Serial tag rivet 0.20
B30sBriggsStrattonMufflerB-30S muffler 29.50
IgnitionWireBS-99288 Ignition wire 25.00
Doodle Bug Scooter Parts: Brass spark plug nutBrass spark plug nut 1.75
NOSJ8sparkplugNOS J8 Spark plug 8.50
B&SFlywheelKey222698SBS-222698S Aluminum flywheel key 2.25
connectingrodBS-290963 Connecting rod 31.40
BS26269StarterPedalReturnSpringBS-26269 Starter pedal return spring 10.95
OilFillCapBS-69345 oil fill cap 6.75
Misc. screws, bolts & nuts are available
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